Meet Jill Whit - The artist behind 'My body is a vessel'

Meet Jill Whit!

She is a songwriter, musician, tattooer, and fine artist based out of Salt Lake City, UT. In an interview with Slug magazine, Jill talks about her creative practice. She says,

“My art is an exploration of the body, of getting to know yourself through solitude. Gaining a connection to your body and your spirit; physical and emotional movement; trying to be ever-accepting, shifting, and living. It’s personal, but also I feel like everyone can relate because everyone has a connection to their own body."


Jill’s creative practice has always been an intimate experience- this collaboration is no different.  Throughout this project, we wanted to create an article of clothing that would honor our bodies as homes for our souls rather than objects to be scrutinized.  We quickly fell in love with the symbolism Jill pulled into this piece by representing our bodies as vessels.  

Jill wrote this poem for the collection and we are obsessed with it. It reads:

“My body is a vessel, to receive, to hold. a place for me to exist. isolated and secluded i am remote: by oneself. an embodiment for i am not tangible." 

Our hope is that this tee shirt will feel like a love letter to our bodies and a sacred reminder of your inherent value.  Your body is powerful.  Your body is worthy.  Your body is enough.

My body is a vessel tee available 04.14

You can view more of Jill Whit’s work at .