What is Body Neutrality?

What is body neutrality?

Dr. Anne Poirier describes it as this:

Well, since there is not a “definition” in the dictionary, let’s break it down:

Body: Our physical structure. Let’s call this our vessel—the vessel we travel around our lives in.

Neutrality: A state of not supporting either side of a conflict or disagreement.

In literal terms then, body neutrality is, “Not supporting the hatred of our vessel (our physical structure) or the love and adoration of our vessel.”


Body neutrality prioritizes the body's function, and what the body can do, rather than its appearance. Dr. Poirer goes on to say:

"Body neutrality becomes a resting place from the constant chaotic chatter and criticism of your own mind. It’s a space where you can find some peace and take some pressure off yourself. Body neutrality is a shift in perspective, from body hatred, disgust, and dislike, to body appreciation and respect. It is honoring the body as it is."


Here are couple of tips to start practicing body neutrality:⁠

1. Drop body talk from your conversations⁠

2. Redirect conversations⁠ or the urge to comment on people's bodies⁠

3. Eat the foods you want to eat⁠

4. Acknowledge and reframe body-hating thoughts⁠

5. Listen to your body⁠

6. Practice healthy mantras:


We've also included a couple of our favorite Body Neutral Mantras:

My weight does not define my worth.

-My arms allow me to hug the ones I love.

-My body is the least interesting thing about me

-I'm grateful my body allows me to experience life.


Learn more about body neutrality by reading one of our favorite books, 'More Than a Body' by Lindsay Kite, Ph.D. and Lexie Kite, Ph.D . Get your copy here.