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Take Action to Support Women's & People with Uteruses' rights!

Despite what it may seem, our elected officials are supposed to listen to and represent those their constituents. Reaching out is a small, simple, yet important step as a responsible and involved citizen. Urge your Senators and Representatives to keep the government out of private medical decisions by supporting women's  and people with uteruses' rights. 


Remember you don't need to make your message long or too intense. A simple note letting your legislators know where you stand and what you hope they will support or focus is all that is needed. Feel free to add and personal touches, but remember these messages are often read by staff members so keep that in mind before sharing anything too personal. 


When figuring out who to reach out to remember that you have federal and state reps. Each state has two US senators and number of representatives depending on your state's population. On the state level, you have a senator and representative who represent you and the district you live in (Senate District for Senators and House District for Representatives.) 

Find your Representatives below:

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