Our Favorite Summer Gadgets

Every year around this time there are a lot of “summer bucket lists” that start circulating social media. We love those and may or may not be working on one of our own. However, we also think it’s important to remember that what makes a good summer is not how boxes you check out off, but how well you took care of yourself. Having a summer goal to take 15 hikes might make the dreamiest summer for one and an absolute nightmare for another.

As simple as they may seem, here are a few questions to ask yourself. 

Is this goal helping me become the person I want to be or have the kind of experiences I want to have? Or is it just stretching me into someone else?

Have I planned enough time to simply relax and take care of myself?

What do I want to do simply because it sounds fun to me?

What are my priorities this summer?

This summer, we are prioritizing simplicity and enjoyment. We want to prioritize simple activities that we cant be present for and simply enjoy our time. 

Here is a list of our very favorite summer gadgets to help us make the summer of our dream come true. Are any of them necessary? No, they’re ultimately just things. But if you’re looking for a thing the help you encourage action, these are some good ones. 

Side note: if you’re planning a summer movie night. Pretty please invite us.



#1 Bubble Machine

#2 Bug Bite Thing

#3 Shaved ice

#4 Watermelon Slicer

#5 Wireless Movie Projector

#6 Movie Night Screen

#7 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

#8 Chalk Markers

#9 Pool

#10 Umbrella Tray

#11 Pool Floaty

#12 UV shade tent

#13 Tabletop fire pit