Father's Day Gift Ideas

Good dads are the best and always worth celebrating. The fun thing about dads is they’re often happy something as simple as a nice note or socks. However, sometimes is fun to spoil them with something a little extra. Here is a list with some solid Father’s Day gift ideas from all of my stranger friends online.

If your dad is more of a minimalist, think about the hobbies of activities he already loves. Is there a piece of gear or an item within that umbrella that he could use? For example, if he’s a runner maybe he could use some fresh running socks, a lightweight cap, or some neat sweatbands. Or simply replace something you know he loves and he’s worn/used into the ground. For example, buy him a fresh pair of his favorite gym shoes, jeans, or shirt. 

Does you dad have a cause that he’s passionate about? Consider making a donation in his name and then making him a nice card letting him know you did so. This reduces waste and lets him know you see him and care about the things he cares about. 

Got a sentimental guy on your hands? Ask family and friends to send you any photos they may have already on their phone. Apple’s iphotos (on your phone) can automatically make really sweet little videos using photos saved to a specific folder. Not only will he be touched, but he’ll be so impressed by your filmmaker skills. Another easy win is take a simple photo of a place that is significant to him and put it in a frame. Maybe it’s a childhood home, a favorite vacation spot, where a made a big life change, or just a view he loves. Click here for a list of great easy-to-get frames. 

Is your dad often on the road? He, and honestly everyone, need a Drivewel Bff. This sucker saves your phone, keys, and fried from falling into the pit of despair that is the space between your seat and center console. Once you have one you’ll wonder how you survived without it. Code Rosie15 will save you 15%. You might also consider other accessories like floor mats, a roof rack, or seat covers. If he’s traveling by plane, sign him up for TSA pre-check. You’ll just need a few pieces of information and he’ll have to show up for the 5 minute finger print appointment, but it truly is the best. It’s a no brainer upgrade. 

Maybe your dad’s love language is time. Plan a date. Write him a card that communicates when the date will be, when he should be ready, and what he should wear. Pick an activity that will be fun to do together and grab a meal together. You could even sign the two of you up for a local cooking class and experience the best of both worlds. 

If your dad is a fan of an old actor or athlete, it’s fun to search them on Cameo. Cameo allows you to hire famous to send you customized personal messages. It’s pretty fun and worth checking out. 

And if you’re looking for just a fun classic gift, here are a few of our favorites this year. 


#1 Customized Golf Balls

#2 Leaf Blower 

#3 Anti-Gravity Chair

#4 Grill tool

#5 Bug gun

#6 Range Finder

#7 Iceflow Tumbler

#8 Nike ZoomX

#9 Story Worth

#10 Magnetic Wristband

#11 Custom steak branding iron

#12 Table top s'more kit

#13 Foot massager