An Absolutely Definitive Rating of the Best Five Things at Trader Joe's

Delete Your Shopping List- This is What You Really Need from Trader Joe's.  

You know that here at Card Wear, we tell it like it is.  We don’t stray away from the hard conversations.  We aren’t afraid of a little controversy. 

And that’s why we are telling you DEFINITIVELY what the best items are from Trader Joes

If you’re like us, Trader Joe's is a sanctuary.  A trip to TJs is the ultimate self care act.  It’s your happy place.  

While our love of Trader Joe’s is unapologetic, not everything is a hit.  Let’s go over what we are loving (and not so much loving) at TJ’s.

First off, we have to talk about the elephant in the room… The orange chicken.  A staple for a reason.  Cook it in your air fryer and it’s perfect every time. 

Next of course we have to talk about the kringels.  Have you been put onto the Trader Joe’s kringles yet? If not, you’re missing out.  There are entire subreddits dedicated to these.  Kringles are large flaky pastries that you bake yourself for the perfect delicious treat- here’s the catch though, they’re seasonal.  They come out with limited stock in various flavors about five times a year.  Our personal favorite is the raspberry one, but you really can’t go wrong.  When you see them, be sure to grab them because they sell out. 

While we are talking about Trader Joe’s favorites, let’s just dive right into the Card Wear team’s personal favorites: 

Rosie’s favorite Trader Joe’s combos are the ghost pepper chips with the french onion dip. We know ghost pepper chips sound scary- they aren’t that spicy we promise. The french onion dip brings down the spice level perfectly. 

Brinley’s favorite Trader Joe’s finds are the dill pickle kettle chips (if you don’t like dill pickles… grow up). Brinley also loves TJ’s soup dumplings (but so does everyone else so they are hard to find). 

Sierra’s favorite Trader Joe’s items are the tomato shakshuka (okay hang in here with us… It’s really good.  Sierra doesn’t even like eggs and this is one of her favorite breakfasts).  She also loves combining Trader Joe’s jalapeno limeade with their watermelon refresher for the perfect summer drink.  

Molly loves Trader Joe’s sweet potato fries.  While we don’t believe in the idea of “good” foods or “bad” foods- it is undeniable that sweet potato fries feel extremely healthy for you. Pop a bag in the air fryer and you’ll certainly get your daily intake of all your vitamins and minerals (don’t take our word for this- we aren’t professionals.  This is based solely on vibes). 

Still need help with your shopping list?  Here are five other items that you can’t miss next time you hit up Trader Joes. 

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

We don’t know what they put in these to make them so good but we aren’t asking any questions. 


Everything  but the Elote Seasoning

It’s seriously so good.  Amazing on grilled corn in the summer or sprinkled on your nachos. 

Trader Joe’s Mochi

The absolute perfect treat.  We love the vanilla (sounds boring but I promise it’s so good) but all the flavors are amazing. 

Shawarma Chicken Thighs 

These are the best if you fry them up in a little bit of butter.  They also do great in the air fryer. 

Frozen French Onion Soup

We are french onion soup stans… Girls who get it, get it.

There you have it- the definitive list of things you need to pick up on your next TJ’s run.  

What’s your favorite Trader Joe’s item?