5 Easy Ways to Upcycle

Did you know? Americans generate 16 million tons of textile waste a year. That’s INSANE! One of the biggest ways we can tackle this problem is to give our old + worn-out clothes a new life by upcycling them. There are tons of creative ways you can re-vamp old clothes. We’ve gathered together some resources on how to begin upcycling, and make the most of what you have!


A needle + thread can quickly transform a piece of clothing into something brand new. Though sewing might seem intimidating it’s relatively easy to learn. Plus you can follow online guides with simple instructions and patterns! Consider cutting pieces from old clothes to sew together! 


If you feel like your closet is a bit dull - this is the project for you! Embroidering on clothes gives a personal touch. All you need is a needle, thread, and embroidery hoop! Grab an old tee shirt or jacket,  draw a pattern you can follow, and then embroider! There are many techniques, among a simple stitch: with a bit of research, you will be able to embroider flowers in your sleep ;)


Embroidery Floss


Tired of the colors in your closet? Pick a clothing item to recolor with permanent dye. (This works for shoes too!) Or if you’re feeling it, go with the oldie but goodie- tie-dye!

 Just use scissors! Simply cropping a tee shirt or jeans can make a big impact! Here are some ideas that just use scissors: turn a sweater into a cardigan, turn a dress into a two-piece, cut overalls into shortalls.


Fabric Scissors


Find a picture you like on Pinterest or make a cool design in canva. Then, take some tees to a local screen printer and have them print the designs on! A cheaper option is to grab a printable iron on transfer to do at home! 


Iron on paper



 Here are a couple additional resources that we love! Don't forget to tag us & send pictures of your finished projects! All the love XOXO


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